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Program Faculty

Karen Lawson

Karen Lawson, MD, Program Director, Teaching Faculty, Student Advisor

Karen Lawson, MD, is an Assistant Professor in Family Medicine at University of Minnesota, and teaching faculty at the Center for Spirituality & Healing. Dr. Lawson serves as the education representative to the Consortium of Academic Health Centers in Integrative Medicine (CAHCIM). She is the Director and faculty for health coaching at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Lawson is a certified facilitator for the Finding Balance in a Medical Life program. Dr. Lawson is also on the teaching faculty for the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy ( She is a physician, board-certified in both Family Medicine and Holistic Medicine. She was the 2003/5 President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a founding Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Dr. Lawson holds undergraduate degrees from Michigan State University in Biochemistry and Physiology, and completed her medical training at the University of Michigan. She received her residency training in Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. CAM trainings have included meditation techniques (including MBSR), yoga, dance/movement therapies, nutrition, homeopathy, mind/body medicine, and shamanic practices. Dr. Lawson studied for 10 years with shamanic practitioner Christina Pratt at the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing.
Contact Dr. Lawson at: or 612-626-3817. 

Becky Gorman, PA-C, Teaching Facultygormanthumbnail

Becky Gorman, PA-C, provides Focus Coaching in which she leads people through confusion, fear, and anxiety so that they can reconnect with their spirit self and enhance well-being. She helps individuals sort through the disorienting “fog” that results when we listen to others rather than to our true selves. Her goal is to assist one to rediscover his/her life purpose, to seek greater clarity, and to unleash obstacles that prevent one from living life passionately and fully. Gorman engages clients while encouraging and supporting them to do the same.

Gorman also provides organizational consulting to help organizations discover how and where they disconnected from their authentic self/mission and values. She works with CEOs, managers, teams, and others to help them restore balance in working relationships so that organizations can reconnect with their mission, realign with core values, and increase profitability. She also offers customized training to help organizations enhance their ability deal with future stressors that threaten the organization’s balance, energy flow and bottom line.

Gorman holds a medical degree and worked for 10 years as a licensed and board certified Physician Assistant. She has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, medical qigong, Gestalt Therapy, the Enneagram (a 2500-year-old Eastern-based understanding of personality structures), meditation, Eastern spiritual traditions, and healing modalities from around the world.  
Contact Becky Gorman at:

Michele Okposo, R. Ph., Rev. MCSH michele okposo

As an independent consultant, Michele Okposo, R. Ph., Rev. M, partners with individuals, couples and organizations with a desire to maximize their potential and capacity in everyday living. This transformative process includes building on her client’s gifts, talents, wisdom and passions as well as exposing and unblocking limiting beliefs, patterns and fears. Okposo utilizes her abilities in deep listening, intuition, appreciative inquiry, spiritual practices, mind-body skills, presence and emotional intelligence to assist clients in realizing and developing self directed strategies to implement the changes they desire.

As a teacher in “The Business of Health Coaching,” Okposo mentors students, applying their many ways of knowing to creating business opportunities for the emerging field of health coaching. Students weave the intuitive, energetic and creative with the planning, structuring, ethical and legal aspects of business, creating a business plan and marketing materials for making their dreams real in the world.

As a lifelong learner and explorer of the continuous evolution of human consciousness, Okposo is a registered pharmacist, spiritual director and minster, business owner and leader, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch practitioner, Mind-Body Medicine teacher, and community faculty at the Center for Spirituality & Healing and College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota.
Contact Michele Okposo at: or 612-310-8876.

Cindy Shultz, MA, LP

CSH-Cindy Sultz Faculty PortraitCindy Schultz, MA, LP is a practicing holistic psychologist with more than 20 years of experience, assisting people to find their passions, explore their deepest fears, and to help them find their own paths to healing. Through in-depth exploration, clients have gained new insight into their limiting beliefs and behaviors, health issues, and how they can live a more fulfilling life. 

She is one of the first graduates of the Health Coaching Certificate Program at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing. She also has a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and is a licensed psychologist. Additionally, Cindy is a certified advanced energy healer, an ordained minister through Inner Focus, and a Certified Conscious Body Method Practitioner.
Teaching has been an interest of Cindy’s for many years. Her undergraduate degree is in Health and Physical Education and she taught at the secondary and community college levels. Recently, she has taught classes in Health Coaching Skills and Mind-Body Connections at local community colleges and is a frequent presenter on stress management and work-life balance. 
In her private practice, Cindy provides psychological testing services, organizational effectiveness consulting, and executive coaching in a variety of settings, including corporations, government agencies, educational settings and non-profits. Cindy is an Employee Assistance Provider for The Sand Creek Group and also works as a Senior Consultant for Roselle Leadership Strategies. 
For additional information, please visit her web site at



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