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Health Coaching In the News

Today’s healthcare system is facing huge challenges. While costs continue to rise, they are not keeping pace with our country’s need. Meanwhile, our medical system impacts only about 10 percent of the indicators of health, while 90 percent of health outcomes are linked to factors physicians have little or no control over, including behavioral practices. Forty percent of premature deaths in the U.S. are due to unhealthy choices in areas such as physical activity, poor diet, tobacco use, and substance abuse. Yet medical practitioners have inadequate time for addressing these issues and are rarely trained to facilitate behavior change. As a result, complementary healthcare approaches are being used by large numbers of patients, in addition to traditional medical services. A professional trained in health promotion, behavioral change, and self-efficacy support; who is well-grounded in both conventional and complementary healthcare practices; and who holds a holistic vision of integration, is greatly needed. This person is a Health Coach.

To learn more about Health Coaching in practice, click on the stories below.

Health Coaching in the News:


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