Tibetan Healing Initiative

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The Tibetan Healing Initiative (THI) conducts scholarly work about Tibetan medicine and yoga. These ancient, interrelated healing traditions come from Tibet and India and are relevant today. Our four focus areas include research, education, outreach, and integrative care.

Tibetan medicine teaches us how to create and maintain a healthy mind and body in order to live a yogic life. Yoga, union within and with the universe, is a way of life to develop optimal health. They offer a timely model for the promotion of health and treatment of disease by teaching individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices based on their own unique nature.

Led by Miriam Cameron, PhD, RN, the Center for Spirituality & Healing’s Tibetan Healing Initiative is a hub of Tibetan healing in North America and involves four key areas: research, education, outreach and integrative care.

The Tibetan Healing Initiative seeks to contribute to the community through furthering its research and education efforts. The “Constitutional Self-Assessment and Lifestyle Guidelines” web-based tools will be provided free of charge to community members and plans are underway for a third International Tibetan Medicine Conference at the University of Minnesota. Additionally, we will be developing comprehensive academic yoga programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

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