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Sustainability prairieDo you ever feel overwhelmed by the challenges we face in protecting our environment and creating healthy, vibrant communities, and wondered if it's possible to turn things around? Have you even questioned whether our daily choices really make a difference? Does environmental protection seem expensive and time-consuming? 

We explore the answers to these questions in the Sustainability learning module (linked below), looking at practical steps toward sustainability in our homes, workplaces, and communities. The information is based on the widely used Natural Step Framework from Sweden, which has been used by numerous businesses, government agencies, municipalities, academic institutions, congregations, nonprofits, and individuals in the U.S. and around the world to save money and become environmentally and socially responsible.

So why be hopeful? Because we can create new jobs, restore our environment and
promote social stability. The solutions are creative, practical and profitable.

~Paul Hawken, author and founding chair of the Natural Step United States

As you will find, sustainability is relevant and possible for everyone to practice. We can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of the future. We can save money, time, and the planet.

Click here to start the Sustainability learning module.

Class Activities

Personal Action Checklist
What You Can Do About Meeting Human Needs
What You Can Do About Mining
What You Can Do About Taking Fossil Fuels from the Earth
What You Can Do About What We Make
What You Can Do: Biodiversity & Ecosystems

Other Resources

Learning Objectives: Sustainability
Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan - a fascinating case study of a small town transitioning from high- to low-energy consumption
Raventalk - a website that provides a variety of resources and ideas for living sustainably

by Terry Gips, CEO & President of Sustainability Associates

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