Infographics and Tips Sheets



Nature Infographics:  
Care Farming Care Farming Infographic PDF icon care_farming.pdf
Facilitated Green Exercise Facilitated Green Exercise PDF icon green_exercise.pdf
Forest Bathing  PDF icon forest_bathing.pdf
Nature and Health Nature and Health PDF icon nature_and_health.pdf
Nature and Wellbeing Nature and Wellbeing PDF icon nature_and_wellbeing.pdf
Therapeutic Horticulture Therapeutic Horticulture PDF icon therapeutic_horticulture.pdf
Integrative Nursing Infographics:  
Principles of Integrative Nursing Principles of Integrative Nursing PDF icon principles_of_integrative_nursing.pdf
Tips Sheets:  
Seven Ways to Cultivate Wellbeing Seven Ways to Cultivate Wellbeing PDF icon 7_tips_to_cultivate_wellbeing.pdf
10 Simple Ways to Manage Stress at Work 10 Ways to Manage Stress at Work PDF icon 10_ways_to_manage_work_stress.pdf
10 Simple Ways for Health Professionals to Manage Stress at Work 10 Ways to Manage Stress at Work for Health Professionals PDF icon 10_ways_to_manage_work_stress_health_professionals.pdf
Wellbeing in Action Wellbeing in Action PDF icon wellbeing_in_action.pdf