History of the Center

University of Minnesota

In 1995, the field, then called "complementary and alternative medicine," or "CAM," was newly emerging. Individuals were demanding information and services and found healthcare providers uninformed and lacking credible resources. Few universities or hospitals had programs. The University of Minnesota, a well-known pioneer in health, recognized this void and decided to act boldly. 

Through the early vision of our leaders, the Center for Spirituality & Healing was founded with a broad focus on improving health and wellbeing through the lenses of spirituality, culture and integrative healing practices - its name reflecting a larger canvas for change and innovation. We received strong support from the University and a community that believed in our work and wanted to make it happen.

Since 1995, our work with organizations, foundations and volunteers has helped to bring innovative approaches and programs to the forefront of health sciences education and research, and to clinical care.

The Future

In the future, the Center will continue to forge new paths for interprofessional education and research and raise awareness about integrative health and healing.