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Deb graduated in the first cohort of Health Coaching graduates in 2007, and now serves as the Assistant Health Coach Program Director. Her interest in Health Coaching and Integrative Medicine was sparked while she was working in research, where her abstraction of patient records led her to believe that the current system of health care was not getting to the heart of the patient’s problem. Health practitioners were suggesting patients change their health behaviors but were not giving them the tools to successfully implement and sustain these changes. The medical model of prescriptions and procedures was not leading to long term behavior change. She wanted to provide additional self-empowering and less costly methods to help patients achieve and sustain optimal health and well-being, and was very pleasantly surprised to find such a program so near at the University of MN.

She received her B.S.N. at University of Iowa and her M.S.N. in education at University of Minnesota. In my 38 years of nursing practice, she has worked in many areas: telemetry, operating room, home health, cardiac rehabilitation, research and health promotion. She also taught neurology and rehabilitation in a diploma school of nursing. At the Mayo Clinic, she worked in epidemiological research for 20 years on cardiovascular; prostate, pancreatic and brain cancer; osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis studies. She worked at Franciscan Mayo Health System in La Crosse, WI as a health promotion consultant from 2009-2011. Her responsibilities included stress management and tobacco cessation and she was involved in a successful lifestyle management program, A New Me.

Deb has a private practice, Living Alive which includes health coaching, Healing Touch, aromatherapy, integrative guided imagery and Laughter Yoga. In this practice, she meets clients where they are and helps them move toward their intended goals. She uses a variety of tools in her health coaching practice to help clients see their true potential and meaning in life. She has completed certification in Healing Touch, Integrative Guided Imagery and Laughter Yoga, and is a board certified Nurse Coach. She has also completed the Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s Cancer Guide, Food as Medicine, and Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Programs.

She has recently relocated to Eden Prairie from Rochester, MN, and enjoys reading, walks in nature, traveling and visiting her children; Jeni in Sacramento, CA and Ronnie and his wife, Tiffany in Waconia, MN and her two grandchildren.