Wellbeing in Service of Teaching & Learning

Wellbeing in Service of Teaching and Learning is a unique partnership program between an interdisciplinary University of Minnesota team and K12 schools in Minnesota. The program cultivates wellbeing within schools through an innovative model that includes formal training, peer coaching and regular communities of practice. Topics covered in the multi-year curriculum include: mindfulness, wellbeing, the physiology of stress, culturally responsive pedagogy, trauma-informed teaching, social and emotional learning (SEL) as well as other related topics.

The program has four primary aims:

  • Work alongside teachers to create highly relevant and meaningful learning experiences

  • Provide wrap-around resources to in-school leaders who foster robust learning communities

  • Transfer the knowledge and skills for a school to offer the program on its own upon graduation

  • Disseminate best practices through in-person / online events available to educators

The program continues to receive extremely positive feedback from teachers and administrators. Teachers report that the program is meaningful, that it positively impacts their classroom interactions with students and that it helps them to better regulate their emotions and stress. Our evaluation team uses pre- and post-assessments and conducts interviews to inform all of our program development and continuously improve the content to ensure our program remains relevant and useful.

If you are interested in learning about how the Wellbeing in Service of Teaching and Learning program can be brought to your school, please contact Doug Kennedy at kenne829@umn.edu.


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This annual conference happens around the third full week of June and brings together parents, teachers and educators from around the state of MN and beyond for three days of inspiration, connection and learning. Participants can decide to follow a suggested track or pick and choose to build their own path through the Institute. Past breakout session and keynote topics include: executive functioning, restorative justice, trauma and mindfulness, non-violent communication, self-care and teaching, program evaluation, social emotional learning, mindful pedagogy, the evidence and research on mindfulness, and panel discussions from participants in the multi-year Wellbeing in Service of Teaching and Learning program. Subscribe to our newsletter Current to stay up to date on MIE offerings. Contact mindprg@umn.edu to learn more and to join the MIE Summer Institute email list.

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