Continuing Education for Health Coaches

NBHWC accepts continuing education offerings that are:

  • Related to the healthy lifestyle knowledge for practicing professional National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC), OR
  • Related to the core competencies required for the practice of health and wellness coaching (HWC), OR
  • Related to business, ethics, legal considerations, marketing and professional development of the health and wellness coaching practice. Professional development includes self-care and resiliency cultivation.

Continuing education courses are expected to either:

  1. Review or deepen the core knowledge and skills competencies of a NBC-HWC coach, or
  2. Enhance the knowledge and/or skills at a level above that required for national certification.


All CSH courses (that have not been taken previously) taken, and passed with a 70% or better, may be applied for ICHWC CE credit, at the rate of 15 CEU’s per 1 graduate credit. Your transcript serves as your documentation, and you do not need further paperwork from the University.  

If you are not enrolled as a current UMN student, you can register as a non-degree student, though you should contact our Student Services office for a permission number.  Some courses are eligible for undergraduate tuition rates, while some are only available at graduate tuition rates. Some courses are entirely on-line, some are blended requiring some limited in person presence, and some are completely on-campus.

If you are not a graduate of the UMN health coaching program, you may expand your coaching perspectives by taking foundational coaching classes, with instructor permission and space permitting.  Prerequisites must be met:

CSpH 5701 Fundamentals of Health Coaching I (Blended, 4 cr. Fall only)

CSpH 5702 Fundamentals of Health Coaching II (Blended, 4 cr. Spring only)

CSpH 5706 Lifestyle Medicine (Online, 2 cr. Fall or May term)

Other more advanced core coaching courses may also be taken with instructor permission:

CSpH 5707 Coaching Individuals with Clinical Conditions (Blended, 2 cr. Summer only)

CSpH 5709 Group Health Coaching (Blended, 2 cr. Spring only, requires some advanced prep)


In addition to our Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching  master's degreegrad minor/certificate, the Center offers online and in-person opportunities for health coaches to gain continuing education credits to maintain their eligibility to continue  their NBC-HWC status (requires 36 CEU every 3 years).


Learn more about our new Integrative Health and Medicine Specialization made through our partnership with Coursera.


Most CSH events will be approved for CEU’s, which will require special registration and an additional fee, amount dependant upon number of contact hours. Find out what events are coming up.