Hawaii: next offering January 2023. Dates TBD.

In this exciting interdisciplinary travel program, you will travel to the Big Island of Hawaii and learn about integrative healing and wellbeing in a tropical setting. Topics include aromatherapy, indigenous Hawaiian healing, and Reiki. 

Available academic courses in Hawaii include:

CSPH 5307 Integrative Nursing: Application across Settings and Populations (1 credit)

This course examines principles and application of integrative nursing and provides learners with skills that can be immediately applied to nursing practice, advanced nursing practice, and nurse leadership. Clinical case studies and interactive discussion will be used for students to learn how to practice integratively in their current healthcare role or to develop into a new role or paradigm. Case studies will be individualized to fit the needs of all learners for applicable skill building. Registration is limited to graudate students who are registered nurses.

CSPH 5341 Overview of Indigenous Hawaiian Healing (2 credits)

This course examines principles and practices of traditional Hawaiian healing. Content includes traditional Hawaiian values, plants, and healing practices, including lomi lomi massage. Students will have the opportunity to meet with Hawaiian healers and to visit sacred sites.

CSPH 5503 Aromatherapy Fundamentals (1 credit)

This course will provide an overview of essential oil therapy and current aromatherapy practices in clinical settings; examine key safety and toxicity issues with the use of essential oils, and critique the scientific and historical evidence about the therapeutic qualities of six essential oils in common use by the public and in clinical settings.

CSPH 5535 Reiki Healing I (1 credit)

This course introduces the history, principles, precepts and clinical application of Reiki. Participants will learn how to provide self, seated, and full treatments. A portion of each class meeting will be used to practice Reiki, discuss incorporation into clinical practice, and review current research.

CSPH 5536 Reiki Healing II (1 credit)

This course presents advanced principles and application of Reiki energy healing. Students will learn to use second level Reiki energy for both distance healing and the standard Reiki treatment. A portion of each class meeting will be used to provide Reiki treatments and to discuss findings. Current literature and research will also be discussed. Students must have successfully completed the prerequisite CSPH 5535 Reiki I course at least six months to one year prior to enrolling in Reiki II. 

CSPH 5631 Healing Imagery I (2 credits)

This course will teach students how imagery and imagery interventions are implemented for healing, and to promote health and wellbeing. You will experience a wide variety of imagery interventions in class and work on creating your own imagery interventions. The primary instructional strategies that will be utilized for this course include: experiential, discussions, readings, lecture and individual learning interventions.

CSPH 5806 Wellbeing and Resiliency for Health Professionals (1 credit)

This course will teach health professional students and health professionals’ self-care strategies that will improve their individual wellbeing and reduce the stress and burnout often experienced in these professions. Improving individual wellbeing will also contribute to greater wellbeing in the teams and systems in which these professionals work.

When: Offered in three mini-sessions in January 2023, exact dates TBD.

Please contact Erin in Student Services at fider002@umn.edu for more information about studying in Hawaii in January 2023.


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