CSPH 5905 - Food Matters: Cook Like Your Life Depends On It

Are you prepared to answer questions in your practice such as:

  • What are whole grains?
  • Do you know the difference between vegan and Paleo diets?
  • How do carbohydrates and fats affect weight gain/loss?
  • Do you know the role of the gut microbiome in health and disease?

Course Description 

In CSPH 5905 Food Matters, you will learn about the latest research on healthy eating and you will learn how to apply this knowledge in the kitchen! The course meets for 6 weeks from 6-9 PM at The Good Acre food hub's teaching kitchen in St. Paul, MN.

Each class is a blend of classroom discussion and hands-on cooking in the kitchen. At the conclusion of the class, you will have gained skills that will help you counsel patients, clients, and colleagues, that you may also apply in your own life. Registration is limited to 20 students/section so sign up early.

The goal of this course is to examine the role of food as it bears on the current acute care approach to health and healing, the predominance of chronic disease and the important role that lifestyle (physical activity, stress, sleep, diet) has on all aspects of well being.  

In addition, the course will look deeply at dietary trends, their risks and benefits in relation to current health concerns such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. The course will also examine the impact of the Standard American Diet (“SAD”) on these public and personal health problems which are linked to diet and lifestyle.

For healthcare students and future practitioners, this course will support the development of personal food and cooking skills. This will allow them to serve as models to patients, as well as provide tools, resources and applications to support and guide patients in addressing their own diet and cooking challenges, specifically as they pertain to improving their health outcomes.   

Finally, this course will include a discussion of the components of a food system including how production, distribution and consumption of food are interrelated, and how cooking and eating ‘healthfully’ are interconnected with equity, access and a sustainable system.

Course Objectives

  • Discuss the relationship between food and health
  • Identify simple basic principles of a healthy diet
  • Know how to cook healthy food for optimal health
  • Choose to include discussion of food choices as part of patient care
  • Choose to eat healthy food
  • Foster community and interprofessional relationships through food and experiential learning

The literature consistently points toward a gap in health professional student education surrounding food-centered nutrition. Therefore, a creative and novel approach is in order to provide these students with skills for personal wellbeing, in order to serve as role models for patients, and have literacy surrounding food and lifestyle patterns as they relate to disease. Teaching these students through cooking experiences will impact their personal wellbeing and prepare them to address the impact of food on disease and wellbeing with their patients.

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