CSPH 3001 - Introduction to Integrative Healing


Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the current US health care system and US cultural views of health and wellness. Within this context, it then provides students with an overview of various complementary and alternative medical systems and practices that might be integrated into the current way of thinking about health and wellness and treatment of illness/disease. Examples include: whole systems of thinking about health such as traditional Chinese medicine or Native American healing, manual therapies like chiropractic, energy therapies like reiki and qigong, mind body therapies like yoga and meditation, biologically based therapies like botanicals and aromatherapy.

Course Objectives:

Which questions will the course help you answer? How will you grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom? How will this help you transform your thinking and behavior?

At the end of the course you will demonstrate an understanding of the field of integrative healing and practices (also called complementary and alternative (CAM). We will study the theoretical framework, evidence for, efficacy and safety of CAM practices. We will also cover how these practices fit into the big picture of the US health care system and to help people maintain health and wellness.

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CSPH 3001
60 credits or consent of instructor
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