CSPH 5000 - Explorations in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices

Course Description

CSPH 5000 - Explorations in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices is a course that encompases a variety of topics. Spring courses include:

CSPH 5000-001: Evidence Based Complementary Approaches to Pain Management

This course will provide an overview of complementary and integrative healing practices for pain management. In the US, chronic pain impacts over one third of the population and affects more individuals than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined. While there is a wide range of conventional medical treatments available to manage pain, many are only marginally effective and are associated with troublesome side effects. Of growing concerns is the endemic problem of opioids associated with misuse, addiction, and fatal overdose. Pain sufferers and health providers need effective and safe options for pain management.


CSPH 5000-002: Mindfulness in Educational Settings

This course examines the role of mindfulness within the multifaceted acts of teaching and learning through a critical examination of research including topics such as instructor-student relationships, the effects of stress, burnout, self-care, resilience, student trauma, and resilience. The course combines in-depth readings and experiential learning activities to develop class participants’ knowledge and application of mindfulness practices in teaching and learning settings. Over the course of the term, students will develop both a personal mindfulness practice and a proposed plan for incorporating mindfulness practices into their educational setting.


CSPH 5000-003: Developing Capacity in Cross-Cultural Engagement

This course takes a constructivist and experiential approach toward developing your cross-cultural engagement capacity.  You will receive an individualized assessment, action plan, guidance and supportive theory along with direct experience and practice within a Twin-Cities community context.   The goal is to develop your capacity for critical self-reflection, cultural self-awareness, intercultural sensitivity and the ability to adapt more effectively to culturally different contexts.


CSPH 5000-004: Introduction to Integrative Mental Health

This course focuses on introducing students to the concept of integrative mental health (IMH). In it we will explore different definitions of IMH, the history and background of the concept and how it relates to psychiatric care and health care in general. We will explore and practice risk-benefit profile of different modalities in the context of evidence-based mental health care. An emphasis will be placed on the connection between physical and mental health and how that can be approached from an integrative perspective. Topics such as mindfulness and mental health, nutrition and mental health, herbs and supplements in psychiatric care and the role of functional medicine in IMH will be covered, as well as how psychotherapy and psychotropic medications fit in the IMH framework.


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CSPH 5000
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CSPH 5000-001 (3 cr): Gert BronfortRoni Evans, Online

CSPH 5000-002 (3 cr): Doug Kennedy, Blended

CSPH 5000-003 (3 cr): Craig Hassel, In Person

CSPH 5000-004 (2 cr): Gisli Kristofersson & Laura Sandquist, Online