CSPH 5101 - Introduction to Integrative Healing Practices

Course Description:

Cultural contexts of healing traditions. Integrative therapies presented by practitioners, including traditional Chinese medicine, meditation, mind-body healing, spiritual practices, energy healing, naturopathy, herbalism, movement therapies, homeopathy, manual therapies, nutrition.


Course Objectives:

  • Analyze the impact that culture, history, and politics have on conventional and integrative health practices, including factors such as research funding, publication bias, attitudes of conventional practitioners, and the history of new ideas in medicine.
  • Describe the theoretical constructs, practices, safety, efficacy, and evidence base of selected integrative modalities.
  • Experience several types of integrative practices and interact with professionals in those areas.
  • Discuss research methodologies to address the safety and efficacy of integrative therapies
  • Discuss clinical practice application of the appropriate use of integrative therapies in a variety of clinical settings and processes.
  • Recognize and develop an appreciation for different ways of knowing and healing.
  • Access and evaluate evidence on a specific integrative modality.


Additional Information:

Section 001 is only open to Summer Institute reserved students only. Seating is limited. For more information contact Erin Fider.

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CSPH 5101
Jr or sr or grad student; or instructor consent
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