CSPH 5102 - Art of Healing: Self as Healer


Course Description:

Introduction to individual transformational journey as part of health science education. Students become aware of their responsibility/resources to facilitate development of the self. Research data, experience of self that is part psychoneuroimmunology, mind-body-spirit approaches. Lecture, scientific literature, meditation, imagery, drawing, group interaction.

Note: Course meets in person 2 full days per semester

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the core beliefs and understandings of the use of "self" as healer.
  • Identify the personal life-experiences that led the student to the health sciences or a particular school.
  • Identify what gives meaning and purpose to the student's life, and academic choices.
  • Compare and contrast integrated (mind-body-spirit) self-care and human mystery with the reductionistic scientific perspective.
  • Compare and identify Era I, II & III of Medicine according to Larry Dossey, MD.
  • Identify the role of dreams in healing.
  • Experience the use of Essential Oils for personal self-care.
  • Begin to understand "energy of self", what gives life and what depletes life.
  • Create a personal plan that includes aspects of physical, emotional and spiritual self-care and social support the student may access during the educational experience.

Course Details

Course Format: 
In person
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CSPH 5102
Jr or sr or grad student or instr consent
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