CSPH 5115 - Cultural Awareness, Knowledge and Health

This course is offered in person. Check the class search for in person meeting dates and times. 


Course Description:

The goal of this class is to gain greater awareness of the power of culture in your life. You will develop your capacity to “see” culture being expressed within your life, education and in expectations for professional development and practice. All human knowledge is grounded in culture and constructed through culture, even if seldom presented as such. As we gain proficiency in seeing culture we gain insight into what is often taken for granted and becomes invisible within a dominant cultural perspective. We will explore ways to use these insights to bring the best of cultural resources to contemporary challenges and global problems without doing harm. Our goal is that you will leave the course with tools, disposition and the capacity to create a healthier cultural identity for yourself and to build healthier cross-cultural relationships in your life and work. 

Course Objectives:

You will:

  • Identify some of the characteristics, values and practices of your own culture.
  • “See” culture in your world and gain greater awareness of your cultural conditioning
  • Understand the dynamics of culture and its affect upon health and well-being.
  • Learn about how cultural identity and connection to culture affects health and why many cultural groups hold onto or are reclaiming their culture.
  • Develop yourself personally and professionally for more authentic and sensitive cross- cultural interactions.

Course Details

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CSPH 5115
Graduate Students, Undergraduate students with junior status or above, or instructor consent.
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Janice Barbee