CSPH 5121 - Whole Systems Healing: Health and the Environment

Course Description

Our personal health, along with the health of the human social systems we inhabit, is inextricably entwined with the wellbeing of local and global environmental systems. We are facing a multifaceted global/planetary crisis (which is no longer impending but underway). The evidence is clear that Global Climate Change (along with a “Sixth Extinction” of massive proportions) are primarily driven by human behaviors.

Drawing upon the new science of Complex Systems, it is also evident that—just as human social systems (economic, political, and cultural) are impelling us towards a planetary “bifurcation point”—our only hope to avoid multiple systems collapse is to make deep changes in these systems. Learn how to understand—and to effect sustainable change in the complex systems in your life: personal, social, and environmental.


Course Objectives

In classroom and experiential situations, the student will:

  • Apply complexity theory as a theoretical framework, explore global changes and ecological trends in the following human/environmental interfaces:
    • food production and quality;
    • humans and plants, animals, insects, fungi, and micro-organisms;
    • energy and natural resources use;
    • soil, air, and water quality;
    • exposure to industrial products and by-products;
    • population growth, urbanization, and land/sea use
    • Identify the structural components of various human and natural systems through case study methods, direct observation, and deep reflection;
  • Utilize a combination of analysis and synthesis to describe the complex dynamics within such systems;
  • Discuss and develop strategies for optimizing the healthy functioning of systems using the group processes of Bohmian dialogue and Paidea discussions;
  • Compare and contrast the observed or likely outcomes of the application of such strategies, applying ethical concepts and the concept of gentle action in the critique process;
  • Evaluate the efficacy of various strategies and especially combinations of strategies.

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