CSPH 5317 - Yoga: Ethics, Spirituality, and Healing


Course Description 

This course will introduce students to ethics, spirituality, and healing from the perspective of Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline. Students will examine the claim that systematic Yoga practice leads to optimal health. Using critical thinking, students will evaluate philosophical knowledge, scientific evidence, and practical application, and propose research-based programs for integrating Yoga into personal and professional life.

The course is 8 weeks long, rather than 10 weeks long, because each student does a Yoga Practicum.

Course Objectives 

  • Explain what Yoga is, and compare and contrast various kinds of Yoga.
  • Examine the Yoga system of Patanjali.
  • Evaluate research using Yoga and propose needed research and methodologies.
  • Analyze issues involving education, ethics, and certification of Yoga therapists.
  • Evaluate Yoga therapies, assessment criteria, practice guidelines, and outcome measures.
  • Analyze the relationship between ethics, spirituality, and healing in Yoga.
  • Compare and contrast Yoga, Ayurveda, and traditional Tibetan medicine.
  • Examine the philosophical underpinnings of Yoga.
  • Analyze the scientific basis of Yoga and precautions regarding Yoga.
  • Develop a research-based program of Yoga practices for a therapeutic purpose.
  • Examine the Hatha Yoga tradition.
  • Use critical thinking to integrate Yoga into personal life and professional work.

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CSPH 5317
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