CSPH 5343 - Ayurveda Medicine: The Science of Self-healing


Course Description 

Principles of Ayurveda. Evidence-based information. Balance of body, mind and spirit for optimum health. Ayurvedic constitutional types. Herbal medicine, detoxification, massage. Personal plans for health and well-being. How Ayurveda is being integrated into health care settings.

Course Objectives 

1. Discuss the history and philosophy underlying Ayurveda as a system of healing.
2. Explain basic principles of Ayurveda as related to five elements and three types of energies (Doshas)
3. Describe how these energies can be balanced by following special daily and seasonal routine.
4. Explain how three energies combine together to form seven different constitutional types.
5. Recognize that these basic principles are as relevant today as they were in the past.
6. Describe three types of mental tendencies and explain how they can be the basis for self-healing.
7. Describe the Ayurvedic concept of digestion and toxin as related to individual constitution.
8. Explain the role of Ayurveda in wellness, prevention and rejuvenation.
9. Describe how Ayurveda uses five modalities for wellness, prevention, rejuvenation, and treatment.
10. Discuss the research evidence for these modalities.
11. Explain the six stages of disease formation according to Ayurveda. Describe a specific disease formation.
12. Describe how Ayurvedic approach can be integrated into western medicine practice to manage the symptoms of certain chronic conditions.
13. Discuss potential areas and challenges in the field of further Ayurvedic research.

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What Students Are Saying

"This instructor is one of the best I've ever had. Her preparation was impeccable. She treated all of us with the highest respect, giving helpful feedback that always advanced understanding on the topic. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable, yet was patient with all of us, and helped me develop at a steady pace. She made each week's studies fascinating and interesting, which compelled me to explore and learn, in even greater depth than required, because she so successfully fed my efforts and interest. I feel honored and fortunate to have studied with her."

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CSPH 5343
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