CSPH 5503 - Fundamentals of Aromatherapy

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 *Note: This course is offered in both online and in-person formats. Please check the current class search on OneStop for more details. 

Course Description 

The Center For Spirituality & Healing's Aromatherapy course will provide students an overview of essential oil therapy and current aromatherapy practices in clinical settings. You will examine key safety and toxicity issues with the use of essential oils, and critique the scientific and historical evidence about the therapeutic qualities of six essential oils in common use by the public and in clinical settings.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the current and potential role of essential oil therapy in health and health care.
  • Identify safety and ethical issues and discuss their application in practice situations.
  • Describe psychological and physiological dimensions of essential oil therapy.
  • Describe clinical properties of six widely available and commonly used essential oils.
  • Evaluate the role of essential oil therapy in the management of selected conditions.
  • Evaluate the role of essential oil therapy in selected populations.
  • Critique selected research literature on the therapeutic use of essential oils and identify directions for future research.
  • Identify elements of protocols and policies for practice settings.


Additional Information 

Section also available as part of the Center's Study Abroad Program in Hawaii.

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Course Details

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CSPH 5503
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