CSPH 5535 - Reiki Healing


Course Description 

History, principles, precepts, and practical application of Reiki energy healing. Alternative energy healing modalities, current research findings.  Activation of the Reiki energy, hand positions to perform a treatment. Students provide Reiki treatments, discuss findings.

Course Objectives

  • Define Reiki and its origins as a healing tradition.
  • List the 5 principles of Reiki and how this impacts and guides the Reiki practitioner.
  • Describe the practical application of the 2 precepts of Reiki.
  • Describe the three levels of the Reiki Method of Natural Healing, including the education, capabilities, and application of the Reiki practitioner.
  • Articulate an understanding of the holistic nature of healing.
  • Identify the 7 primary chakras and describe their relationship to Reiki healing.
  • Discuss the physical and metaphysical healing properties of Reiki and how this can be used to treat a variety of health related problems.
  • Understand and demonstrate the techniques used for providing an abbreviated and full Reiki treatment.
  • Articulate an understanding of the role of the Reiki practitioner in reporting findings to clients.
  • Understand the scientific basis for Reiki healing.
  • Discuss research findings on the use, outcome measures, and efficacy of Reiki as a treatment modality.
  • Access additional resources to further understanding of Reiki healing.

Additional Information 

Section also available as part of the Center's Study Abroad Program in Hawaii.

Course Details

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In person
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CSPH 5535
Jr or sr or grad student or instr consent
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