CSPH 5535 - Reiki Healing

Note: This course is offered in remote online format for Summer 2021. Please see the notes in the Class Search or Schedule Builder for specific details.

Course Description:

Students will learn the history, principles, education, and practical application of Reiki energy healing. Alternative energy healing modalities and current research findings will be discussed.  Following activation of the Reiki energy, participants will learn the hand positions used to perform a self, seated, and full session. A portion of each class meeting will be used to perform Reiki sessions and to discuss experiences. 

Course Objectives:

  • After completing this course, the participant will be able to:
    • Describe the history and principles of Reiki practice.
    • Examine the education, qualifications, and capabilities of the Reiki practitioner.
    • Discuss the use of Reiki as a stress reduction and relaxation technique and management of a variety of health related problems.
    • Demonstrate the techniques used for performing a self, seated, and full Reiki session
    • Analyze research findings on the use, outcome measures, and efficacy of Reiki. 

Additional Information 

Section also available as part of the Center's Study Abroad Program in Hawaii.

Course Details

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CSPH 5535
Graduate Students, Undergraduate students with junior status or above, or instructor consent.
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