CSPH 5708 - Mind-Body Science and the Art of Transformation

Course Description

Modern technology has provided deeper insight into how our minds and bodies change based on our focus, intentions, cell environment, habits, stress and behaviors. We will investigate these new perspectives and how to apply them through transformative practices to change our thoughts, beliefs, bodies, emotions and paradigms to create sustainable shifts towards optimal health, wellness and living. 

Course Objectives  

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Apply neuroscience discoveries such as neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, epigenetics, mirror neurons, cell health and brain development to students own transformative practices.
  • Define sustainable human transformation through knowledge from multiple disciplines including but not limited to psychologists, quantum physicists, philosophers, healers, educators.
  • Identify the range of potential impacts of mindfulness practice on emotional, relational and social well being.
  • Evaluate a transformative practice’s impact on behavior changes, brain development, well being and sustainable change through locating relevant scholarly research, popular sources and personal experience.
  • Discover and discuss the influence of transformative practices on shifting perspectives and opening awareness to higher levels of consciousness.

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Course Details

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CSPH 5708
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