CSPH 5708 - Mind-Body Science and the Art of Transformation

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Course Description:

Modern technology has provided deeper insight into how our minds and bodies change based on our focus, intentions, cell environment, habits, stress and behaviors. We will investigate these new perspectives and how to apply them through transformative practices to change our thoughts, beliefs, bodies, emotions and paradigms to create sustainable shifts towards optimal health, wellness and living. 

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Apply neuroscience discoveries such as neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, epigenetics, mirror neurons, cell health and brain development to students own transformative practices.
  • Define sustainable human transformation through knowledge from multiple disciplines including but not limited to psychologists, quantum physicists, philosophers, healers, educators.
  • Identify the range of potential impacts of mindfulness practice on emotional, relational and social well being.
  • Evaluate a transformative practice’s impact on behavior changes, brain development, well being and sustainable change through locating relevant scholarly research, popular sources and personal experience.
  • Discover and discuss the influence of transformative practices on shifting perspectives and opening awareness to higher levels of consciousness.

What Students Are Saying

"I think the most important take away from this class and my experience was the importance of personal care and utilizing mindful movements. So many times, in my life I’ve taken stressful situations out on people who may or may not have had any correlation with what I’m frustrated with. Knowing methods and coping strategies that will help me reduce stress and communicate appropriately and enable a more centered life is so valuable. For my social wellbeing I feel that I am more confident and equip to believe in myself."

"Letting my thoughts and emotions flow, I became more aware of myself and my writings, my emotions and cognitive processing. I also become more mindful of what is happening inside of my body and mind, as well as at the world around me. Looking at my experiences, there is no doubt that writing influences my life significantly, helping me thrive every day, connect with my surroundings, promote my physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, and live in a more positive and healthy life. I would love to continue the practice in my journey heading toward greater consciousness."

“To me, transformation means seeing and being in the world in a new and healthy way. I believe that most of the time, my view of the world is based upon ignorance and suffering. I am often burdened with self-centered worries, stress and fear. However, I have had many experiences that have revealed how inaccurate my typical view is. Transformation is seeing the world in a more natural and peaceful way. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, "Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see". I believe that peace is available in every moment. It is up to me to be able to pause and experience it. The readings for this section had some fascinating connections with my previous ideas of transformation. I found Professor Rae's concepts of the different levels of consciousness "I am individual" and "I am interconnected" to be a very important point for what consciousness transformation looks like. It seems to me that the shift from a self-centered being to one that is fundamentally interconnected is an essential aspect of consciousness transformation. According to the Buddhist tradition, one of the core delusions that keeps people suffering is that we are separate from the rest of the world. I am interested to continue to explore this dichotomy and how others experience this.”

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CSPH 5708
Graduate Students, Undergraduate students with junior status or above, or instructor consent.
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