CSPH 5711 - Optimal Healing Environments


Course Description 

Development/implementation of optimal healing environments.  Evidence base supporting structural, architectural, human, and care processes. Emphasizes identifying models of optimal healing environments and leadership strategies that support diffusion of innovation.

Course Description 

  • At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to: 
  • Describe contemporary models of optimal healing environments.
  • Identify cultural variations in preferences for healing environments.
  • Discuss the evidence base supporting structural and architectural design elements.
  • Identify care and human processes that are aligned with optimal healing environments. 
  • Identify concepts and tools from complexity science that can be applied to the development, implementation and management of optimal healing environments.
  • Compare and contrast different models of optimal healing environments.
  • Discuss leadership strategies designed to facilitate the diffusion of innovation.
  • Identify policy implications of creating optimal healing environments. 
  • Discuss emerging research agenda in optimal healing environments.

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CSPH 5711
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