Integrative Nursing

Integrative Nursing is a way of being, doing, and knowing that advances a whole health perspective to optimize wellbeing. Integrative nurses use evidence-informed strategies to support whole person, system and planetary healing. 

Historically, nursing is deeply rooted in a tradition of caring and healing. While contemporary healthcare has created obstacles that often make it hard to provide holistic care, patients and their families are yearning for it. Millions of nurses around the globe are drawn to practicing person-centered, relationship-based care that incorporates the use of integrative or complementary therapies with conventional care and is focused on advancing the health and wellbeing of people, communities, and organizations.

Integrative nursing is a whole person/whole system approach to care that honors a legacy that began with Florence Nightingale, who wrote that the role of the nurse was to put the patient in the best possible condition so that nature could act and healing occur. Integrative nursing can be practiced with all patient populations and in all clinical settings. It has the potential to strengthen and invigorate the profession.

Degrees and Courses

This DNP program specialty in Integrative Health and Healing specialty is the first of its kind in the country, and provides a strong foundation for nursing leadership and expertise in integrative health. Specialty courses are offered through the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota, including selected integrative therapies (several offered in Hawaii in January), health coaching, self care, functional nutrition and healing environments. 

Continuing Education

Earn nursing continuing education credit!  Start with the Introduction to Integrative Nursing module, then practice integrative nursing with a virtual patient in three interactive scenarios.

Introduction to Integrative Nursing

Symptom Management During Chemotherapy - Part I

Symptom Management During Chemotherapy - Part II  

Addressing Post-Operative Pain

Integrative Nursing on Coursera

In our Integrative Nursing Specialization offered online through Coursera, you will explore ways to implement the six principles of Integrative Nursing in your work setting, then learn how to practice and apply specific integrative therapies at work, in alignment with the research evidence and safety and quality considerations. In short, you will be ready to partner with patients on developing a plan of integrative care that fits their needs and preferences. Each course is eligible for Minnesota Board of Nursing continuing education requirements and may be eligible for CE credit from other professional boards.

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Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer discusses integrative nursing.