Meditations are divided by instructor. To listen to a specific meditation, click the Soundcloud link in the upper right corner of any instructor's widget. 

This will redirect you to the Center's Soundcloud profile. Once there, go to "Playlists" and select which meditation you would like to listen to.
There is also an option to download the meditation on each individual meditation:
  • You do need to sign-in or create a Soundcloud account, but you should be able to download the meditations without entering any credit card information.
  • Simply click the three dots to the right of the meditation title.
  • From there you would select the download option and that should allow you to download the meditation.
If you have any questions or issues with downloading the meditations, please contact the Bakken Center's mindfulness programs office (, 612-625-8164).

Instructor: Mariann Johnson

Instructor: Jean Haley

Instructor: Robert Reed

Instructor: Merra Young

Instructor: Jean Fagerstrom

Instructor: Susan Flannigan