Assessment and Guidelines Tools

Constitutional Self-Assessment Tool (CSAT) and Lifestyle Guidelines Tool (LGT) (M.E. Cameron, C. Torkelson, S. Haddow, T. Namdul, A. Prasek, & C.R. Gross.)

The Constitutional Self-Assessment Tool (CSAT) is based on Tibetan medicine, an ancient, timely, holistic healing system from Tibet. Tibetan medicine teaches that you, like everyone else, were born with a unique nature, called your constitution. The CSAT will help you understand your own constitution.

The Lifestyle Guidelines Tool (LGT) can be used with the CSAT to develop a personalized plan for living a healthier, happier life.

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Cameron, M. E., Torkelson, C., Haddow, S., Namdul, T., Prasek, A., & Gross, C. R. (2012, May/June). Tibetan Medicine and Integrative Health: Validity Testing and Refinement of the Constitutional Self-Assessment Tool and Lifestyle Guidelines Tool. EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, 8 (3), 158–171.