Medical students

Medical students are able to take one course per term outside of the medical school, as long as it does not interfere with your med school schedule. You will be billed tuition for these credits, as they do not fall within your medical school financial aid package. For further information on how to register, including tuition reimbursement opportunities, read the student handbook.

Graduate Certificate Program

The graduate certificate in Integrative Healing Practices is offered through the Graduate School. Medical School students can enroll concurrently in this program, with permission from Kathleen Watson, MD, Associate Dean for Students and Student Learning. The certificate program requires at least 12 credits (18 for the Health Coaching track), and students must submit application materials to both the Graduate School Admissions Office and the Center for Spirituality & Healing. 

The Healer’s Art

This course is designed for first or second year med students, and is meant to develop a sense of personal and professional satisfaction and ongoing commitment to medicine. The course takes a highly innovative, interactive, contemplative and didactic approach to enabling students to perceive the personal and universal meaning in their daily experience of medicine. It is a discovery-based model that draws on humanistic and Jungian psychology, as well as formational and cognitive theory to help students recognize and develop their potential as compassionate caregivers.

This course is offered annually, meeting five Thursday evenings from 6-9 duiring January to March. Contact Nimi Singh for further information.

Suggested Courses

INMD 7580: Integrative Healing
Elective for 3 & 4 year medical students
3 credits
Ken Riff, M.D.
The primary objective of this course is to increase student awareness and understanding of complementary therapies and provide information on integration with allopathic treatments. Participants have the opportunity to witness complementary care providers in action in the community. Students participate in weekly seminars and complete a special project. Contact Erin Fider for more information.