Online Module Toubleshooting Guide

Most problems that arise are caused by learners attempting to access the modules via links from external sites. The modules will not work unless they are accessed from the CSH site. Please click on your desired module from our Online Modules page, not from any external site.

Other issues are caused by using an old browser. The modules work on recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. We highly recommend Firefox 6.0 or later.

If you are having difficulty navigating through the module, you may be using an old browser. Try switching to a different browser or updating the version you have.

Other issues: After you click “Start” on the introductory page of a module, you should begin to see yellow navigational arrows in the bottom right‐hand corner of the window. If you do not see them, try expanding the window (either by clicking the expand icon in the upper right corner of your window or using your mouse to drag the window’s size).

If you are unable to expand the window or still do not see the yellow arrows, you likely need to update your browser or switch to another browser.

If you do not see the certificate at the end of the quiz, it is likely that your browser has automatically downloaded to your computer. Check your downloads folder for a file called "certificate."