Mindfulness in Motion

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Convenient, one-hour weekly sessions 

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing is pleased to offer the Mindfulness in Motion program (MiM). Developed by Dr. Maryanna Klatt at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, the MiM is a research-based program that offers pragmatic resiliency tools easily implemented in the workplace to reduce daily stress and increase productivity and work engagement. Participants will learn mindful awareness principles that are the key to embodying the benefits of mindfulness. The eight weekly sessions emphasize bodily relaxation with soft background music as well as discussion of mindful awareness of cognitive habits. 

The program cost includes: Guided instruction in mindfulness and movement practices, group discussions, gentle stretching and yoga, Daily 20-minute “homework”, a Workbook, DVD and CDs. Participants will also track stress levels, sleep quality and work engagement through a pre- and post-evaluation. Mindfulness in Motion meets once a week for an hour, scheduled so you can attend before work or during the lunch hour. University of Minnesota employees who are also UPlan members are eligible for reimbursement and Wellness Points. Please note that employee dependents are NOT eligible for reimbursement even if they are UPlan members. For more details visit the UPlan or CSH website.

Please call us at (612) 626-5319  or email mindprg@umn.edu with questions or for further information.