CB LovingKindness study

You are the heart and soul of CaringBridge. To explore with academic research the role that love, hope, and compassion play in a health journey, we invite you to participate in a study led by University of Minnesota researchers.

The LovingKindness Meditation study will focus on individuals associated with a cancer journey – their own, or as a friend/caregiver.

Your participation – entirely optional – will be limited to listening to a 10 minute meditation daily over the course of 21 days, and completing brief online surveys at the beginning and end of the study.

About the Study

If you agree to participate in the LovingKindness Meditation study, you may be randomized into a group who begins LovingKindness Meditation immediately or into a group who begins LovingKindness Meditation after a 3-week waiting period. Participation in either group is very important to understand the potential positive impact of LovingKindness Meditation.

If you are able to consider this request, your participation would be appreciated. Our gratitude is heartfelt, and fully focused on you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Learn more and enroll.


What is LovingKindness Meditation?

LovingKindness meditation is a way to cultivate kindness towards ourselves and others. It involves mentally sending goodwill to others by silently repeating a series of phrases.

lovingkindness meditation practice