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Creating your Roadmap for Wellbeing

June 5, 2018

walking in hallwayHave you ever been lost? I know I have, more than once, sometimes even in my own back yard.  The reason I ask this question is that some of the times I have been lost, I haven’t been clear about where I was going. And since I have zero natural sense of direction, it’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to me. How that random thought applies to the topic of wellbeing is interesting. Most people spend more time planning their next road trip than they do planning how they want to experience wellbeing in their life. Without a roadmap or vision for wellbeing, you are likely to keep getting the same results in your life while feeling lost in the process.

What does it actually take to design a wellbeing vision for your life? It’s one of the most important questions you could ask yourself. Wellbeing looks at you and your life as a whole person and considers a number of key areas. It requires some contemplation about who you are and what ‘s important to you -  i.e. what values you live by. Do you love nature? Time alone? Family? Friendships? Community? Making a difference? Eating organic? Getting exercise? Meditating? Etc. Your values help you take a stand for what matters in your life, prioritize and align your actions with who you are, and make thoughtful life choices that allow you to have a life that matters to you. Stop for a minute and jot down five values that you use to guide your life. Did any of them surprise you?

Because everyone’s values are different, there is not a general roadmap that works for all. What matters to you, may not matter to the next person. A great resource for the process of thinking about your wellbeing roadmap is the Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing website. This website offers a holistic assessment of your life by asking questions about areas of your life experience. It has 13 short questions to help you learn what areas of your life are going well for you, as well as the areas that might need strengthening. 

When I started coaching 16 years ago, there was so much talk about balance. There was work/life balance, personal balance, and other forms of balance I can’t remember. In my estimation, from both my personal experience as well as the experience of countless clients over the years, I have come to the conclusion that balance is a myth. 

No one’s life is static. We live in an ever changing, dynamic process called life. The idea that we will somehow achieve balance can be just as stressful as any other unrealistic expectation. So, let’s throw out the idea of balance and instead talk about an aligned and meaningful life that allows you to respond to whatever is showing up in your life.

The sweet spot is not about balance at all. When a person is clear about their values, understands what brings them a sense of meaning and purpose in life, and is aware of the current chapter/season of life they are in; a very clear wellbeing vision is the natural result. What happens when you create this wellbeing vision? Suddenly you have a life that lets you be you. Your daily practices, priorities, and intentions align to create more joy and resilience. You move toward what you seek one small choice at a time. And you have a clear roadmap for where you are going. You will hit bumps in the road and get lost, but with a clear vision, it’s easy to get back on track. 

Health coaches are trained to be masterful navigators of your relationship with your inner life, offer compassionate support and insight as you design your wellbeing vision, and take action to bring your vision to life. What action can you take today to design your wellbeing roadmap?


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