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Implementing Integrative Nursing in a Pediatric Setting

July 31, 2018

"Patients and families are voicing a desire for (an integrative) approach to care, and there is increasing evidence that integrative approaches can improve clinical outcomes including symptom management. If embedded into the ongoing delivery of care, the implementation of integrative nursing is both feasible and sustainable. It requires investment in education and leadership, and perhaps most importantly, a culture change that embraces a whole-person, whole-system approach to patient care." - Center faculty Megan Voss, DNP, and Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, in a new paper published in MDPI.

Pediatric blood and marrow transplantation (BMT) is one of the most challenging allopathic treatments a patient and family can be faced with. A large Midwest academic health center, and leader in pediatric BMT, made the decision in 2013 to incorporate integrative nursing as the care delivery model. Nurses trained in advanced nursing practice and specialized in integrative health and healing performed a deep-dive needs assessment, national benchmarking, a comprehensive review of the literature, and ultimately designed a comprehensive integrative program for pediatric patients and their families undergoing BMT. Four years after implementation, this paper discusses lessons learned, strengths, challenges and next phases of the program, including a research agenda. The authors conclude that it is feasible, acceptable and sustainable to implement a nurse-led integrative program within an academic health center-based pediatric BMT program.

Read the full paper here.



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