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Increase Your Wellbeing Through Nature

September 27, 2016

As temperatures begin to drop and fall colors begin to appear, make sure to take a nature break. You likely will feel refreshed and be ready for the next task with a renewed sense of energy.  

Here are some helpful tips to increase your wellbeing through nature.

Increase Your Wellbeing Through Nature

1. Head outside the lights of the city and gaze into the night sky to feel connected to the rest of the universe. 

2. Use greenery to create a table arrangement to lift your spirits. 

3. Bring nature into your office or home by hanging a nature picture, installing one as the wallpaper on your computer screen, or by bringing in a plant. 

4. If you cannot get outside, purchase the Center’s Wellscapes app for your smartphone and relax to healing images of nature. This can be a way for people with allergies to plants or soil access nature’s benefits. 

5. Visit our Taking Charge site to complete a free online assessment that examines your relationship with nature. 

Download these tips as a PDF, and go enjoy the great outdoors! 



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