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Staying Healthy in Our Modern Western World

February 21, 2018
Human connected to the universe

As I reflect on our current culture and what behavior is considered status quo, I intuitively sense that as an American culture we are overstimulated, undernourished, and disconnected from our deeper lives. I recently heard that in the leading technology country of South Korea, one of the newest forms of rehabilitation centers popping up all over is technology addiction centers. And it leaves me as a health coach reflecting on the many types of nourishment that we tend to overlook as we stay responsive to the constant external stimulation and distraction of our current society. This article is my health coach remedy for the epidemic we face.

Let me start with a quote from one of my favorite books about receiving called The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving by Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo. “Many would argue that in the West, we are a world made of indulgences. We pamper ourselves with food, cosmetics, electronics, and household fripperies. There is truth to this, and indulgence is not true receiving. Indulgence actually comes from ignorance of how to receive, or reluctance to receive, and the art of true receiving has been lost to much of the world.” So how do we learn to be more tuned into our ability to receive the nourishment that our mind, body, and spirit so desperately need to live a vibrant life?

There are so many forms of nourishment available to us at all times, and we can become open to receiving more and more forms of true nourishment that actually nourishes every level of our wellbeing. I heard a speaker last year expand the 5 Love Languages theory, and request that people open themselves to receiving gifts from the Universe. And I really practiced that idea then and continue to practice now. Each time I hear a song that I love or touches my heart, I receive that fully with gratitude as a form of nourishment. Each time I receive a hug or smile from someone, I receive that as a form of nourishment. Each time I see something of beauty in art, humanity, and nature, I receive that fully as a form of nourishment. I am constantly scanning for forms of nourishment that I can receive. There is something to be said for slowing down and consciously thanking the Universe for a gift of nourishment. It brings my entire being into the present moment allowing me to fully receive the richness of the gift.

In closing, I leave you with a list of my favorite forms of nourishment for my mind, body, and spirit. I share them to inspire you to ask yourself how you can expand true nourishment in your own life.

  • Relationships that lift me up and feed my heart and soul
  • Time to quiet my mind, connect with my breath, and tap into my inner wisdom
  • High quality food that I choose consciously and savor
  • Movement that is playful and effective
  • Words of affirmation spoken to myself
  • Noticing the delights in my day that bring me joy
  • Work that feeds my heart, spirit, and mind
  • Time nurturing and expressing my creativity
  • Integrative therapies that support my highest well-being including acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic
  • Prioritizing downtime and leisure activities that allow me to recharge
  • Time in nature and with animals

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Heart month in February, I invite you to increase your capacity to receive.

Become vulnerable enough and aware enough to allow yourself to be nourished by the many gifts the Universe offers every day in big and small ways.



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