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Third International Integrative Nursing Symposium - Kreitzer and Koithan Release Second Edition of Integrative Nursing Book

December 3, 2018

Third International Integrative Nursing Symposium

Integrative nurses from around the globe will gather from May 22 – 24, 2019 at the Third International Integrative Nursing Symposium in the beautiful Irish oceanside town of Galway.

The Symposium’s theme, “Leadership and Innovation in Integrative Nursing,” will be explored by workshops, presentations, posters, and plenary speeches. Speakers include Dr. Brendan McCormack, who will discuss person-centered care, Dr. Michael Shannon who will present on leadership, and Lori Knutson, who will discuss building integrative care models.

On the first night of the Symposium, several Irish nursing professionals will be featured. Geraldine Murray will present about the legacy of nursing leadership in Ireland, and Drs. Martin McNamara and Sean Teeling will discuss integrative nursing in Ireland.

Prior to the Symposium, Dr. Janet Quinn will lead a workshop titled “The Most Beautiful Way of the Healer.” 

“I believe that integrative nursing is the way of the healer for our times,” says Quinn. “Embedded in our work is a way to return to our roots, and a lineage of healing that goes back to Florence Nightingale and even before that." 

Drs. Robin Austin and Laura Kirk, faculty in the University’s School of Nursing will also present a pre-conference workshop titled “Integrative Nursing Research.”

“We see our Integrative Nursing Research pre-conference workshop as an opportunity to do a deep dive into conversations related to integrative nursing, where we think the field is today, and potentially co-creating a vision for the future going forward,” says Austin. Kirk emphasizes the need to further explore integrative nursing research through this workshop. “We want to facilitate a more unified voice in defining, describing, and disseminating what it is integrative nurses do and why it’s so effective,” she says. “We look forward to reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends, and advancing integrative nursing as an effective strategy for making the world a better place.”

Abstracts for presentations have been submitted, and the program for the Symposium is currently under development. 

If you would like to attend the Symposium, please visit +++

Kreitzer and Koithan Release Second Edition of Integrative Nursing Book


The second edition of Integrative Nursing by Drs. Mary Jo Kreitzer and Mary Koithan was released by Oxford University Press in mid-October.

“Our first edition of the text focused on the importance of whole person, whole system care,” says Kreitzer. “The second edition expands the focus of integrative nursing to include many new topics, including planetary health.”

Integrative Nursing is a complete roadmap to integrative patient care, providing a guide to whole person/whole systems assessment and clinical interventions for individuals, families, and communities. Treatment strategies described in this version employ the full complement of evidence-informed methodologies in a tailored, person-centered approach to care. The book explores concepts, skills, and theoretical frameworks that can be used by healthcare leaders interested in creating and implementing an integrative model of care within institutions and systems, featuring exemplar nurse-led initiatives that have transformed healthcare systems. 

Content covered in this edition includes the foundations of the field; the most effective ways to optimize wellbeing; principles of symptom management for many common disorders like sleep, anxiety, pain, and cognitive impairment; the application of integrative nursing techniques in a variety of clinical settings and among a diverse patient population; and integrative practices around the world and how it impacts planetary health. 

The academic rigor of the text is balanced by practical and relevant content that can be readily implemented into practice for both established professionals as well as students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate nursing programs.

Integrative Nursing is now available for purchase from major booksellers. You may purchase it from Oxford University Press at —Use discount code (AMFLY1Q) for a 20% off discount. +++


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