CSPH 5536 - Reiki Healing II

Note: This course is offered in remote online format for Fall 2021. Please see the notes in the Class Search or Schedule Builder for specific details.

Course Description:

In this course, you will learn advanced principles and application of Reiki energy healing. The four levels of healing will be further explored, with emphasis on healing at the spiritual level.  Following activation of the Reiki energy, you will learn the energy symbols that allow for energy transfer through space and time. You will learn to use second level Reiki energy for both distance healing and the standard Reiki treatment.  A portion of each class meeting will be used to provide Reiki treatments and to discuss findings. Current literature and research findings will also be discussed.

Course Objectives:

  • Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 
    • Describe and differentiate first and second level Reiki healing. 
    • Demonstrate use and application of three Reiki symbols in second level Reiki practice. 
    • Achieve beginning level competency in a level two hands-on Reiki session. 
    • Articulate an understanding of the holistic nature of healing, including the four levels of healing. 
    • Apply research findings on the use, outcome measures, and efficacy of Reiki. 

Additional Information 

Section also available as part of the Center's Study Abroad Program in Hawaii.

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CSPH 5536
CSPH 5535
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