CSPH 5423 - Botanical Medicines: Foundations and Practical Applications

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Course Description

There is an accumulating body of scientific evidence supporting the use of some botanicals for preventive or therapeutic purposes. This experiential course offers health professional students and others an integrative and practical approach to medicinal plants that includes theoretical underpinnings and obtaining the skills to gather, process, and apply selected local plants and herbs. Methods are multi-sensory, following an eclectic tradition practiced by many modern herbalists. Review of empirical scientific evidence is included for key plants.

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Course Objectives

  • Differentiate among common forms of botanical medicines;
  • Discuss legal and professional factors that have an impact on using botanical medicines in practice;
  • Identify common local plants in the field and describe their historical and current medicinal applications;
  • Practice gathering plants in a sustainable manner;
  • Differentiate between herbal application methods (tinctures, ointments, infused oils, flower essences) and gain experience in making each;
  • Apply principles of eclectic herbalism and knowledge from Western science to explore botanical treatments for common ailments or conditions;
  • Analyze the characteristics and applications of selected plants using conventional scientific literature review and principles of herbalism, comparing and contrasting the knowledge and experience gained by each method.

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CSPH 5423
Graduate Students, Undergraduate students with junior status or above, or instructor consent.
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