CSPH 5341 - Indigenous Hawaiian Healing

Course is only available as part of the Center’s Study Abroad Program in Hawaii. 


Course Description:

This course is taught over a three-day period on the Big Island of Hawaii. The course includes didactic and experiential learning.

This course focuses on an introduction to traditional Hawaiian healing including ho‘olomilomi (massage), la‘au lapa‘au (herbal medicine) and ho‘opoonopono (conflict resolution).   Cultural traditions such as oral history and the hula are examined in the context of their contribution to overall wellbeing and sustainability. Hawaiian cultural values are compared and contrasted with western values. Students will have the opportunity to meet with Hawaiian healers, visit culturally relevant sites and reflect on ways that indigenous and conventional practices contribute to health, healing and wellbeing.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe values underlying Hawaiian culture and identify ways that these values can be applied in the contemporary context of students’ work and lives.
  • Describe how Hawaiian epistemology, cultural traditions and traditional knowledge contributes to health, healing and wellbeing.
  • Identify principles and practices underlying Hawaiian Healing including: ho‘olomilomi (massage), ho‘opoonopono (conflict resolution) and la‘au lapa‘au (herbal medicine).  
  • Describe the origins and practices of Hawaiian healing arts including canoe making, lei making, music, hula, story telling, food preparation, kapa (cloth making), and visual arts.
  • Compare and contrast western health care and traditional Hawaiian healing and identify strategies for advancing a model of integrative care.

Course Details

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CSPH 5341
Graduate Students, Undergraduate students with junior status or above, or instructor consent.
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