CSPH 8701 - Health Coaching Capstone Project

Course Description 

This is the culminating course of the Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching Master’s Program. The student uses coaching data collected during the Group Health Coaching Practicum (CSPH 5709)* to research, write and orally present a research­informed Synthesized Narrative Case Report.

*or using experience and data gathered from an alternattive course of individual or group coaching as approved by the instructors 

Course Objectives

  • Understand the current and future value of collecting pertinent client and coaching information in an organized manner, and documenting it in a retrievable format.
  • Relating aspects of a coaching client’s story that are of value to share with other professionals.
  • Clearly communicate the value of the coaching experience for the client, coach, other practitioners, and the health coaching profession.
  • Increase awareness of the current state of health coaching research, and how the addition of quality Case Reports may inform future research which, in turn, impacts the broader health care community, and overall public health.
  • Demonstrate competencies of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication needed to:

         ○  Complete a quality written capstone project: Organized, able to be searched, truthful, compelling, with an effective and rational conclusion and discussion, highlighting                        potential to inform future practice and research.
         ○  Publicly present and discuss (Q&A) a Synthesized Capstone Project in an effective and engaging manner to a professional audience. 


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CSPH 8701
CSPH 5101, 5701, 5702, 5703, 5705, 5706, 5707, 5709, Admission to the Masters of Arts in Integrated Health and Wellbeing Coaching
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