CSPH 5118 - Whole Person, Whole Community: The Reciprocity of Wellbeing

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Course Description:

This course will explore the symbiotic and reciprocal relationship between individual and community health & wellbeing, as well as the many factors/forces which influence that relationship. Drawing upon recent studies in the area of reciprocal/symbiotic effects between individual wellbeing and community wellbeing, this course will include the following core topics: definitions of community and related dimensions of wellbeing, importance of Individual/Community reciprocity (Social Justice, Equity, Safety, and Trust), historical trauma and healing, and individual action and personal empowerment in community transformation.

Course Objectives:

This course aims to:

  • Introduce learners to the dimensions of community wellbeing as described in the Center’s Wellbeing Model.
  • Guide learners in identifying the many communities in which they interact and the roles/identities they inhabit within each.
  • Demonstrate how to assess the reciprocity of the relationship between personal and community wellbeing.
  • Familiarize learners to various modes of contemplative inquiry and how the integration of such can assist in self-reflection, healing and individual wellbeing.
  • Create positive and reciprocal/symbiotic change in the health and wellbeing of individuals and their identified communities through learner-implemented action plans.

What Students Are Saying

"I loved taking this class and have learned so much about myself and my community through it. I really felt that you were responsive to any problems that came up and that a lot of constructive feedback was given on assignments. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"

"Sara is easily the best online instructor I've had, and one of the best in general! I appreciate that she is so accessible and I felt comfortable asking questions or asking for help when needed. Overall, fantastic course!"


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CSPH 5118
Graduate Students, Undergraduate students with junior status or above, or instructor consent. Permission number required for registration.
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