CSPH 5713 - Health Coaching for Health Professionals

This is a primarily online course that meets for one evening and two full days in-person and has weekly web and phone-based work. Student is expected to be online and connected with the class on a scheduled basis every week of the term, unless instructor has been notified of special circumstances. Please go online to https://onestop.umn.edu/for more information.

Course Description

This course will explore the basic tenets of 4 Pillars of Health Coaching model--self-awareness, mindful presence, authentic communication, and safe/sacred space. Students will learn to identify/benchmark stages/patterns of change, respectfully collaborate with interdisciplinary health care providers and facilitate clients’ ability to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes. Consistent, nonjudgmental application of a holistic perspective of optimal health and wellbeing in patient encounters will be discussed and demonstrated. Students will have the opportunity to see demonstrated and to practice applying tools and practices from motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, non-violent communication, etc. 

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the theory and practice of Health Coaching, including the Four Pillars of Health CoachingTM
  • Identify the basic elements of an effective coach/client interchange.
  • Apply basic, effective coaching techniques including Motivational Interviewing, Emotional Intelligence, Non-Violent communication and Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Describe the Transtheoretical Model, concept of Emotional Intelligence, and Self-Determination Theory.
  • Differentiate between health coaching, nurse education, case/disease management, and therapy
  • Discuss the importance of ongoing personal development in one’s professional practice.
  • Apply tools for self-reflection and personal growth. 

Course Outcomes for Different Professions

Course Details

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CSPH 5713
This course is for students who have been admitted to the DNP-IHH track. Students who are in the other UMN DNP tracks or any healthcare professional who is interested in learning basic health coaching theory and technique. Basic computer skills and intern
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