CSPH 5712 - Supervised Health Coaching Skills Advancement


This course is offered in person. Check the class search for in person meeting dates and times. 



Course Description:

This pass/fail course will provide Health Coaching students the opportunity to advance coaching skills/strategies through individual client practice with supervision from an experienced Health Coaching instructor.  The student health coach will engage in recorded in-person and/or telephonic coaching sessions, and receive live feedback from the instructor. The student will assess their own integration of coaching skills through completion of self-skills assessment (level appropriate) that includes self-reflection.  A final skills assessment (level appropriate) will be completed utilizing the standardized tool developed for the UMN Health Coaching program (developed in alignment with guidelines the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching) and must be completed with a score of >80% to pass the course.

Course Objectives:

  • Apply one’s health coaching knowledge and skills with confidence and efficiency appropriate for student’s level of training in program (first versus second year)
  • Apply knowledge of a holistic framework and the core coaching constructs--change theory, therapeutic relationship, modeling, and goal setting—with clients in telephonic coaching.
  • Independently and appropriately apply the knowledge of holistic principles and innate healing capacity in coaching interactions with clients.
  • Demonstrate the use of multiple ways of knowing in assisting clients in constructing individual integrative health plans and setting SMART goals.
  • Accurately assess one’s own progress in coaching skills acquisition and consistent application.
  • Demonstrate skills of self-reflection, and ability to integrate feedback for improvement of coaching effectiveness.

Course Details

Course ID: 
CSPH 5712
CSPH 5701 and CSPH 5702. Must be a graduate student admitted to the Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching or Certificate-Health Coaching Track Programs or instructor consent.
Semesters Course Offered: 
1 in Summer, 1-2 in Fall/Spring