Evidence Informed Practice: Applying Research in Complementary and Integrative Health

Evidence Informed Practice

The Center’s Evidence Informed Practice resources are organized into topics consisting of 2-3 thematically linked modules. (See a full list of topics below.)

Each topic is priced at $10-$15, depending upon content length. You must register to use the modules. Those purchasing all 9 topics will receive 10% off their entire purchase (value of one free module).

An introductory module "Evidence Informed Practice" (20 minutes) is offered at no charge.

 Topics include:

  • EIP 1: Introduction to Research Topic - 90 minutes
    • Introduction to Research module
    • Research Overview module
    • Validity and Study Quality module
  • EIP 2: Types of Research -  60 minutes
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Research module
    • Basic Science Research module
  • EIP 3: Research in Clinical Practice - 65 minutes
    • Research in Clinical Practice module
    • Asking Clinical Questions module
  • EIP 4: Outcome Measures - 50 minutes
    • Measuring Clinical Outcomes module
    • Outcome Measurement Tool module
  • EIP 5: Observational Research - 45 minutes
    • Introduction to Observational Research module
    • Types of Observational Research module
  • EIP 6: Research About Treatments - 75 minutes
    • Randomized Clinical Treatments module
    • Assessing Articles about Treatment module
  • EIP 7: Summary Research - 75 minutes
    • Summary Research module
    • Assessing Summary Research module
  • EIP 8: Understanding Statistics - 75 minutes
    • Introduction to Statistics modules
    • Describing Results modules
    • P-Value and Power modules
  • EIP 9: Non-Research Types of Information - 55 minutes
    • Clinical Experience module
    • Patient Presentation module
    • Experts module

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Our Evidence Informed Practice resources were developed through a National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health funded project (R25AT003582); these tools have been used by students, faculty, and practitioners nationwide wanting to integrate research into the art and practice of complementary and integrative healthcare.

For more information about our Evidence Informed Practice Topics, or for technical assistance, please contact Molly Buss at bussx057@umn.edu