Growth and Sustainability

1 million goalThe University contributes only 4% of the Center’s annual operating  budget. Additional sources of revenue include tuition, contracts, grants, and our partnerships with businesses and organizations.

With an entrepreneurial business model, we have been an example of fiscal responsibility, maintaining a lean infrastructure as we push boundaries in transformational learning, research and discovery, and strategic innovation. We know that new frontiers can be explored and larger impacts made; yet that degree of magnitude requires investments that will enable us to build a solid core for long-term growth and sustainability.

Providing the highest quality of support for our students, strategic partners, and the general public has long been one of our core Center values.

Support Growth and Sustainability at the Center

With your generosity, we can ensure that key Center functions such as leadership, student services, instructional design, communications, and business development can thrive while  utilizing new resources to further advance wellbeing. 

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Center Revenue Sources 2014-2018


To become philanthropically involved in the Center's Wellbeing for All campaign, please contact Dianne Lev, Director of Development, at or 612-624-1121