Wellbeing & Resilience for Health Professionals

Are you a health professional who would like to enroll in this program? Check out our Wellbeing & Resilience program designed specifically for health professionals.

Burnout is a critical issue among health professionals. Those experiencing burnout are more likely to develop alcohol abuse/dependence, and are at an increased risk of developing depression and suicidal ideation. Physicians die by suicide at two times the rate of the general population and have a depression rate of 39%. 24% of ICU nurses tested positive for symptoms of PTSD, and there is a 23-31% prevalence rate of emotional exhaustion among primary care nurses.

While much needs to be done at the organizational level to foster cultures of wellbeing, it is essential for individual healthcare professionals to cultivate their own personal wellbeing and resilience. This six-week, mobile-platform based foundational program builds the skills to do just that.

The program was developed with input from health care leaders and can be accessed anytime, anywhere - while going for a run, on the commute to work, or while relaxing at home.

Topics include:

  • Surviving the Challenges of the Healthcare Environment
  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing
  • Lifestyle Change: How to Get Unstuck
  • Working with Thoughts and Emotions
  • Discovering Purpose, Meaning and Joy
  • Relationships and Resilience

Listen to weekly presentations, develop skills on the job, participate in online discussions, receive weekly motivational emails, and more! Included are pre/post measures gauging stress, burnout, and resilience. The program also includes ideas for leaders to incorporate wellbeing and resilience into the culture of their department or organization. Activities take about 45 minutes per week, self-paced. 

To learn more about bringing this program to your organization or team, please contact Sue Nankivell, Director of Business Development and Community relations, at sue@umn.edu.

Why Invest in Health Professional Wellbeing?

Stress and burnout of health care providers is a major public health issue. Clinician burnout is linked with decreased quality of care and increased medical errors, decreased patient satisfaction, and reduced productivity and professional effort. Stress and burnout also impacts the wellbeing of the workforce resulting in increased broken relationships, increased alcohol and substance abuse, depression, anxiety, increased risk of suicide, and early exit from the profession.

National Academy of Medicine: https://nam.edu/clinicianwellbeing/effects

If you have questions regarding the Wellbeing & Resilience for Health Professionals program, please contact Molly Buss, community relations program and event manager (612-625-8164, bussx057@umn.edu).